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Personal Financial Planning


CFP® Exam Review Course

Beginning Fall 2017, we will be offering a CFP® Exam Review Course to Texas Tech PFP students. If you have any questions, please review the FAQs below. If you still have questions, please contact Dr. Salter.

When does the class meet?
The Fall 2017 class will meet Tuesdays from 5:00 pm - 8:20 pm in HS 124.

When should I take the CFP® Exam Review Course?
This depends on when you are wanting to sit for the exam. If you plan on sitting for a March exam, you will need to take the review course during the fall semester. If you are planning to sit for the July or November exam, you should sit in the spring exam review course. Don't forget that you must complete Capstone before sitting for the CFP® Exam. 

What course number and section do I need to register for?
If you are an undergraduate, you will register for PFP 4000-201 and graduate students will register for PFP 5000-201.

If we want to sit in on the course but not register, do we pay the $750? How do we get the materials?
Yes, you will still need to pay the $750 for your review materials. This is a discounted rate that we have negotiated with Dalton Education. Do NOT register on Raiderlink. By doing this, you will be charged tuition and fees since this is considered a class. If you are simply wanting to sit in on the course without registering, you can do so. You will need to contact Rebecca Velez to order your materials for you at the discounted rate. Please connect with Rebecca by August 1st. She will then order your materials or give you materials immediately if we have any on hand. Checks are preferred as form of payment but we can accept other forms. Please work that out with Rebecca.

How many course credit hours will this count as?
This class serves as a variable credit hour elective. You can register for anywhere between one and three credit hours depending upon your needs in your degree plan. Register for the number of hours that are necessary for your degree plan. If you have questions about what you need based on your degree plan, please contact hs.advising@ttu.edu. Regardless of if you register for one hour or three hours, you will be required to attend the full class period. This class meets Tuesdays from 5:00 pm – 8:20 pm in HS 124.

If I already have CFP® Review Materials, am I able to sit in the course but not pay for anything?
This course is being offered through a partnership with Dalton Education. Dalton Education is the official "textbook" for this course. If you have non-Dalton Education materials, you cannot sit in this course. You will need to purchase Dalton Education materials through Rebecca Velez if you want the discounted rate. If you already have the "correct" Dalton material, you may sit in the course at no additional cost. The "correct" Dalton material includes:

  • 6 study guides for students
  • Test bank of 2,500 questions
  • Review readiness assessment
  • Exam readiness assessment
  • Handout book for students to follow along with the review
  • Access to our live online, traditional classroom and recorded reviews

What is the actual structure of the CFP® Review Course?
This course will be taught based on the Dalton Education structure but will be adapted to meet the needs of our students. A syllabus is currently being developed and will be posted in Blackboard closer to when the course will start.

If I only want to sit in on the course and not register, who do I notify to add me to the Blackboard course?
If you are only sitting in the class and not registering for it, you will need to send your eRaider username (NOT R#) to Dr. Salter to be added to the Blackboard course. In addition, you will need to contact Rebecca Velez to order your materials.