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Standard Operating Procedures

These SOP's are made available to investigators as a way to describe IACUC reviewed and approved procedures that may be repetitive or repeated in many animal use protocols. Please contact the IACUC office at (806) 742-3853 or iacuc@ttu.edu to obtain copies of  Standard Operating Procedures that may have been made in active, or questions if you do not see an SOP listed on this page.

Animal Transportation

Animal Use with the TTNI functional MRI Unit

Aquatic Health Recommendations

Autoclave Sterilization

Barn Cats

Beef Cattle Heat Stress Management

Beef Center

Biological Spills

Biosafety Level (BSL) II Rodent Husbandry

BSL II Swine Husbandry

Burnett Center for Beef Cattle Research and Instruction

Carbon Dioxide Inhalant Euthanasia

Cat Husbandry

Collecting Clinical and Biochemical Data from Cattle while Minimizing Contact

Collecting, Handling, and Processing Wild Rodents

Collection/Stimulation of Peritoneal Macrophages in Mice

Dairy Calf Husbandry

Decontamination of ESB Animal Rooms

Deer Facility

Dog Husbandry

EchoMRI® Body Composition Analyzer

Ferret Husbandry

Fish Field Collection Methods

Fish Room Maintenance

Frog Room Care (Xenopus)

Housing Wild-Caught Rodents

IV Tail Injection in Mice

Leopard Frog Room Maintenance

Livestock Housed at Meat Laboratory

Mascot Health Care

Outside Sourced Swine Bio-security

Pain, Distress, Analgesia & Anesthesia

Poultry Room Maintenance

Rabbit Husbandry

Raptor Research Methods

Reptile Room Maintenance

Rodent Health Surveillance Program

Sheep Center

Snake Bite

STZ Preparation, Administration, Care and Handling

Surgical Anesthesia

Survival Surgery in Rodents

Swine Blood Collection

Swine Husbandry at AFS

Swine Trailer Bio-Security Procedures

Swine Unit

Tail Snipping of Rodents

Texas Tech Equestrian Center Herd Health 

Texas Tech Rodeo Team Herd Health

Toad Room Maintenance

Toe-Clipping Amphibians and Reptiles

Transporting Rodent Cages Across Campus

Venomous Snake Room Care

Ventilated Rodent Husbandry

White-Nosed Syndrome Decontamination

Wild Game Bird Capture, Mark, and Release Methods

Zebrafish Husbandry



Animal Care & Use

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