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SEM Images

1 wt% SWNT/EVOH 0.5 wt% SWNT/EVOH .5 wt% SWNT/EVOH
1 wt% SWNT/EVOH (surface view)
*Picture taken by Nenad Stojanovic
0.5% wt% SWNT/EVOH (crack view) AC field applied - 0.5 wt% SWNT/EVOH (side view)
PCL Scaffold 2 PCL Scaffold 2
PCL Scaffold PCL Scaffold 2

TEM Images

lanct111 lanct4 lanct2
Laser Ablation CNT
(magnification 80K)
Laser Ablation CNT
(magnification 100K)
Laser Ablation CNT
(magnification 120K)