Texas Tech University

Forensic Science Society


The next meeting will be held on Tuesday, September 5th, 2017, at 6:00 PM in Human Sciences, Room 226.

2017-2018 Officers

President - Ethan Dodson

Vice President - Lauren Alejandro

Secretary - Maddie Scotch

Treasurer - Thy Nguyen

Service Coordinator - Vacant

About the Society

The Forensic Science Society was established in the summer of 2009 with first-year funding being provided by the Student Government Association. Since that time the members have been active in the community and work to promote both the Forensic Science Society and the Institute for Forensic Science.

Dues are $15 per semester for Student Members and $10 per semester for Alumni Members.  This money serves to fund social gatherings, conferences, and eventually, scholarships for active members.  Fundraising also serves to benefit community service projects and social events.

Community service is an integral part of the Forensic Science Society and all members are highly encouraged to participate.  Activities, such as mock crime scenes for secondary students and work with the Women's Protective Services, have provided members with exciting educational opportunities to become involved with the community.

Questions or concerns with regards to the Forensic Science Society may be directed to the current President, Ethan Dodson.

Institute for Forensic Science