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Forensic Mental Health Evaluations

Psycholegal services offered by the Institute of Forensic Science are provided by licensed psychologists and a licensed psychiatrist. CVs of the examiners are available upon request.

Service Fee*
Forensic Consultation $175 per hour
Retainer for Services (not relevant to evaluations ordered and paid by the Court) $1000, depleted at rate of $175 per hour
Competency to Stand Trial Evaluation & Report $750 total
Expert Court Testimony $600 per half day
Travel time (out of Lubbock County only) $125 per hour


* If the assigned examiner is Dr. Robert Morgan, his fees vary. Please contact Dr. Thoen for more information.

Please note: Requests for insanity evaluations, risk assessments, and other psycholegal evaluations are subject to examiner availability and will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

For more information regarding our evaluation services, please contact Dr. Megan Thoen.


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