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Past Forensic Trainings

Advanced Crime Scene Investigations

J. R. Davis, retired Houston Police Department, Identification Section, introduced participants to the new techniques and skills required to investigate major crimes.


Blood Pattern Analysis

Tom Bevel, served 27 years with the Oklahoma City, OK Police Department. This was a hands-on class teaching the history of bloodstain pattern analysis, characteristics of liquid blood, blood pattern velocity, and much more.


Forensic Homicide Conference

The last afternoon of the Conference took place at the Lubbock County Sheriff's Range. Attendees were able to participant in various activities ranging from High Velocity Blood Spatter experiments, Ballistic Comparisons, and searching for Clandestine Graves.


Recovery of Human Remains

Taught by Dr. Harrell Gill-King, forensic anthropologist from the University of North Texas, this course taught the techniques used in the location and recovery of buried human remains. Participants conducted their own exhumations of simulated clandestine burials.