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Criminal Justice Forensic Training:

The Institute provides training in areas related to law enforcement, corrections, jurisprudence and other areas within the criminal justice system. Our goal at the Institute is to serve the local and greater law enforcement community by providing relevant training. We welcome suggestions for future training classes and suggestions may be made by clicking here. Past trainings can be found here. We are able to host classes up to 30 people and if a larger class is desired, other arrangements may be possible. Part of our training service can include research into the desired class, preparation of course materials, and completion of TCOLE certificates if needed. Please contact Training Coordinator Priscilla Reid with questions.

Forensic Research:

We pursue research in any area of forensic science within our current faculty and staff's abilities. We actively seek grants and other funding sources that will help off-set research costs. We welcome collaboration from university and community partners with the aim of furthering forensic science and meeting agency needs. Examples of research we might conduct include program evaluation (for effectiveness, cost-benefit analysis, etc), or other comparison studies for effectiveness/accuracy. For research-related questions, please contact Dr. Robert Morgan.

Forensic Mental Health Evaluations:

Institute affiliated examiners can conduct a variety of forensic mental health evaluations for West Texas. Institute staff have expertise in performing evaluations for a variety of criminal and civil contexts, including for capital offenses. All examiners are qualified to conduct forensic evaluations according to the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure, 46B, and have access to a wide range of assessment resources. Our examiners can conduct evaluations within detention centers, at the Institute, or at the office of the requesting attorney. Please click the following links to learn more about our services:

Other types of evaluations may be available. For more information regarding our evaluation services, please contact Dr. Megan Thoen.

Speaking Services or Institute Tours:

Representatives from the Institute are available to come and speak to school classrooms about what it's like to work at the Institute or to speak on specific topics. Previous speaking engagements included presentations on Forensic Science in general to a senior-level high school Forensic Science class at Coronado High School, and to a Forensic Nursing class at the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center.

Tours of the Institute are also available for school groups. The tours typically last about 1 hour and include a tour of the facility, demonstrations of some of the forensic equipment used, and a short presentation by Institute staff about their roles in the forensic science field.

To arrange for a speaker or tour, please contact Dr. Robert Morgan

Degree Programs:

The Texas Tech forensic sciences academic programs are housed under the Institute for Forensic Science. These programs include a Master's of Forensic Science Graduate Program and the Undergraduate Minor in Forensic Science. If you have questions about either of these programs, please contact the Director of the academic programs Dr. Robert Paine

Institute for Forensic Science