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NBC Learn is available at http://nbclearn.ttu.edu for all TTU eRaider account holders!

For more than 80 years, NBC News has been documenting the people, places, and events that shape our world. NBC Learn, the educational arm of NBC News, is dedicated to making these historic stories, images and primary source documents available on-demand to teachers, students, and parents.

NBC Learn has already digitized more than 12,000 stories from the NBC News archives—one of the largest news archives in the world, dating back to the 1920s. In addition, collections are updated with current events every day, Monday through Friday, with stories from such celebrated programs as NBC Nightly News, the TODAY show, Meet the Press, Dateline NBC, as well as the networks of MSNBC, CNBC, and Telemundo.

NBC Learn is staffed by veteran NBC News producers, who have created scores of original stories and Town Hall events around the country, in partnership with the National Science Foundation, the Kellogg Foundation, and others. These include such award-winning collections as Chemistry Now, Changing Planet, Science of NFL Football, Science of the Winter Olympic Games, and Finishing the Dream.

NBC Learn's original videos and archival news stories are correlated to state standards and the Common Core, and aligned to more than 25 K-12 and 30 Higher Ed collections. Videos are generally short—less than six minutes in length—enabling instructors to engage and enlighten their students without wasting precious class time. Yet these brief videos are full stories, with a beginning, middle and end, reported by some of the most famous journalists in broadcast history, including John Chancellor, Tom Brokaw, Tim Russert, Brian Williams, and many others.

To deliver these stories in a safe, collaborative online learning environment, NBC Learn has developed the most advanced media player in existence. Called a Cue Card™, the player supports videos, photographs, newspaper articles, primary source documents, and other media. It is "flippable", providing bibliographic information, clickable keywords and a citation generator on the back, a full transcript along the side, and additional tabs along the bottom that let users annotate each resource with their own research notes, and to save it to personal play lists. The Cue Card offers a closed captioning option and can easily be shared on the Internet or by email.

The collections of NBC Learn are available through Internet streaming or for via download. They are also accessible as a stand-alone resource or as a Blackboard building block, which allows users to embed videos directly into Blackboard learning management systems.

NBC Learn offers tools, technology, and innovative content to meet your 21st century educational needs.

You can watch a short video introduction to NBC Learn at http://www.nbclearn.com/promo.


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