Texas Tech University

Fulbright Scholars - Fall 2017

Moazzam Nazir, Pakistan

Moazzam Nazir

I am an Electrical Engineer from Islamabad, Pakistan. I am pursuing my doctoral degree in Electrical Engineering at  Texas Tech University under the Fulbright PhD program. I belong to a middle-class family in Pakistan, who has always considered education to be the sole way of making this world a better place for the masses. At the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, I am working on Predictive modeling of Drug sensitivity that is aimed at ending the miseries of cancer patients through utilization of precision medicine.

The Texas Tech campus has faculty and students from all parts of the world. This has provided me the opportunity to learn global cultural values and share my own culture with other people, the major objective of the Fulbright cultural exchange program. In summers, I plan to do an internship in Washington, DC through the Texas Tech University's Office of the President. This will enable me to have a deep understanding of the U.S. system of government. This information will be quite helpful in sharing its working mechanism with the administrative machinery of Pakistan.

I have made wonderful memories so far and look forward to the opportunities that await me during this experience. I would once again like to thank Fulbright for their generosity in supporting the cause of Education for All and providing me with this marvelous opportunity.


Marthevienty H.T. Soumokil, Indonesia

Marthevienty H.T. Soumokil

My name is Marthevienty H.T. Soumokil, I am a master's degree student in Applied Linguistics at Texas Tech University and a Fulbright grantee from Indonesia. Fulbright has opened many doors of opportunities for students from around the world to expand mutual understanding, promote international partnerships and advocate world peace, hence I feel honored and grateful to be a part of it. This involvement, I believe, will further shape me to advance my expertise and encourage personal growth.

My experiences at Texas Tech University in general as well as in my department particularly solidifies this belief as I gain new insights and friendships. The pleasant-but-professional environment is exemplary which delivers a very positive vibe. The officials are very accommodating every time students ask questions and need help while the faculty members are experts in their own fields who passionately share their knowledge. The activities inside and outside of classrooms are designed to improve competences.  Numerous student organizations, such as GSAL (Graduate Society of Applied Linguists) which I joined, accommodate spaces to practice soft skills.

The different arrays of students, either domestic or international, also inspire diversity appreciation and support. I do not only have the chance to widen my perspectives and refine sensitivity by being in contact with students from various backgrounds with their values but I am also able to contribute by sharing my own cultures and values in order to create bigger picture of harmony.


Sophia Sagala, Indonesia

Sophia Sagala

My name is Sophia Sagala and I am a Fulbright Scholar from Indonesia. I am currently pursuing my Ph.D. in Chemistry at Texas Tech University. I was inspired to pursue my degree in this field of study, because I believe Indonesia has the potential of producing other products from natural resources. As a member of Dr. Quitevis's research group, I am currently conducting extensive research of ionic liquids (ionic, salt-like materials that are liquid below 100oC). The Fulbright scholarship provides me with an opportunity to pursue my graduate studies at Tech, gain experience in teaching as a teaching assistant, as well as research and work opportunities in an international atmosphere.

Previously I earned a master's degree in Chemistry at Utrecht University and a Bachelor's in Chemistry from Gajah Mada University (UGM) in Yogyakarta-Indonesia.


Hendra Sihaloho, Indonesia

Hendra Sihaloho

My name is Hendra Sihaloho and I am a Fulbright scholar from Indonesia. I am currently pursuing my Ph.D. in Biology with the Department of Biological Sciences. I am inspired to take this field of study because of the vast unstudied area in Indonesia, and hope to conduct research on microbial genomics. In the future, I am planning to do similar research after finishing my Fulbright program. Previously, I earned a master's degree in marine and lacustrine science and management from an inter-university Master's program (VUB, UGent and UAntwerp) in Belgium and a Bachelor's degree in Fisheries from Bogor Agricultural University (IPB) in Indonesia.


Serhii Kryvenko, Ukraine

Serhii Kryvenko

My name is Serhii Kryvenko and I am a master`s degree student at Texas Tech University, majoring in Petroleum Engineering. Being a Fulbright scholar is an honor for me since it is a great opportunity to enhance my knowledge of the industry, as well as to expand the dimensions of my personality.

I believe that West Texas, with its history of oil and gas production, is exactly the right place to study for future generations of petroleum engineers. Field trips, conferences, and lectures from experts of the industry, organized by the Department of Petroleum Engineers, provide remarkable opportunities to gain knowledge and experience.

I really enjoy the professionalism of the faculty members within the Department of Petroleum Engineering, since they are open to any question you may have during your studies or research project. In addition to that, our department has many international students, and for me it is incredible to work in an environment where everybody has their own background, perspective, and vision. In addition, there are many opportunities at the University for volunteering in student organizations, which is a great tool for developing leadership, communication, and team-work skills.


Hakan Temucin, Istanbul, Turkey

Hakan Temucin

I am a visual artist from Istanbul, Turkey. As a Fulbright grantee I am pursuing the Fine Arts Doctoral program offered by the J.T. & Margaret Talkington College of Visual & Performing Arts. I work with various mediums such as printmaking, photography, video, and sound. My artistic inquiry focuses on how interdisciplinary digital media art practice can provide a means to open a dialogue about the conceptual expansions of the natural world.

My Fulbright experience, so far, has been a very rewarding one. The Fulbright Program events I have attended allowed me to meet with people from all corners of the world. I had the opportunity to get to know students coming from different countries in both work and social settings. I learned more about different countries and perspectives of the world.

Having the experience of being an international student in Canada before, I can tell that the Fulbright experience is a  unique one. The great people I have met had a profound effect on me. The experience I had allowed me to put aside my cultural prejudices and showed me that in an environment of mutual understanding and respect there are no differences.