Texas Tech University

Before We Leave and After We Arrive

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As an international student, especially from a country with a completely different culture, coming to United States is a big, exciting experience.

The preparations start as soon as you decide to apply to a U.S. UNIVERSITY, and they only pace up once you get your visa stamped (Yay!!), actually it starts way before it. The application process in itself is a great preparation to this.

After that, it is all the tickets, shopping, medical check-ups, arranging for the funds and what not. You usually start the COUNTDOWN to your LEAVING day and then, yes, you are on your flight chasing the dream.If it is your first visit to the United States, the excitement just multiplies n number of times.
Personally, when I arrived here, I had kind of mixed emotions. Entirely new city, knew no one but strangers, knew where to go and what to do. To add to that was the jetlag and a high fever, but leaving apart all the bad experiences, Lubbock was really hospitable to me.

Aurore Martin

At first I was pretty shy about asking for help; I wanted to be independent and figure out each and everything myself, but soon I realized the need to ASK. I started interacting with people, and thanks to Lubbock's highly hospitable people, not only did I make a lot of friends real quick, but everyone was there to help me despite the fact that they didn't know me.

Honestly, everyone has varied experiences when they shift to a new place. Some keep an optimistic view towards the challenges while others just don't really want to leave their 'comfort zone' and do not enjoy.

Wrapping up: Enjoy as much as you can; interact a lot; be ready to face some emotional and cultural turbulence; ASK, ASK and ASK; indulge yourself as much as you can; explore; and above all, " give it time."

Xinyan Pang

My name is Aurore, I am a 21 years old intern from France at the International Cultural Center, on the Texas Tech campus. I arrived in Lubbock on December, 26th 2014. It is my first time in the United States and people here are very welcoming and warm.

There are a lot of places to go to, to have fun with friends and food is delicious. The Texas Tech campus is huge and very beautiful, there is the Student Union building in which there is food places, wifi, TV and games area to relax. There is a good bus system to go through campus. I am really enjoying my time here in Lubbock, Texas and I wish I could stay longer, it is an amazing city to live in for students.

"Studying abroad at Texas Tech University has been one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had in my whole life. The awesome campus with incredible facilities provides a great environment for the students, making it possible for me to have access to all types of technologies and resources that were not available to me before. I was also able to apply what I learned in my computer engineering classes by doing an internship last summer with an IT service provider in Lubbock that specializes in medical and dental practices. This journey during the time I have spent here is definitely going to make a difference in my future. "