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Working Out in Sevilla

There are plenty of full-service gyms in Sevilla. There are several that are conveniently located near The Center and have everything you might be looking for: free weights, indoor track, racquetball courts, aerobic classes, yoga, swimming pool, etc. Certain gyms have special prices for study abroad students and offer monthly packages at discounted prices. Cuesta Sport (www.cuestasport.com/) offers these special rates and has been a popular choice of our students in the past. If you happen to live near the train station, Sato Sport Santa Justa (www.satosport.com/santajusta/) would be another good choice. This impressive state-of-the-art facility boasts being the largest urban gym in Europe. 

Full-Service Gyms in Sevilla

Galisport El Porvenir

Avda. Cardenal Bueno Monreal, s/n

OK Más Gym

Gonzalo Bilbao, one block from the TTU Center
Tel: 854-53-75-20

Fitness First

Centro Comercial Los Arcos
Tel: 954-26-05-03

Galisport Triana

c/ Ignacio Gómez Millán s/n
Tel: 954-33-88-08

Sato Sport Santa Justa

c/ José Laguillo (esquina a P. Iglesias)
Tel: 954-54-62-90

Cartuja Sport

c/ Fco, de Xerez

Gyms with Fewer Amenities in Sevilla

If you only need free weights and/or aerobics classes, you'll find many smaller, more economical gyms that will suit your needs. These are located throughout the city and can usually be found within only a few blocks of your home.


c/ Luis Montoto, 88-90 (entrance on c/ Fernando Tirado)
Tel: 954-58-41-07

Gimnasio Formas

c/Virgen do Setefilla, 12
Tel: 954-27-05-77

Gimnasio Adonis

c/D. Alonso El Sabio, 7 (in Alfalfa)
Tel: 954-21-54-74