Texas Tech University

COVID-19 Health and Safety Protocols

The TTU Center in Sevilla Facility

  • Groups will be designed as cohorts, ideally with a maximum of 15 students, one faculty and one staff member, when necessary.
  • Activities should be held whenever possible within the cohort.
  • Face masks or appropriate face coverings will be required in the building by all students, faculty and staff, except for faculty and staff in their private offices.
  • During class, faculty that are leading instruction will be permitted to wear a face shield to facilitate understanding.
  • To provide safety for our faculty and students, a social distancing barrier of 1.5-2 meters will be implemented in classrooms, common areas and faculty and staff offices.
  • Each classroom will be thoroughly cleaned and ventilated after each class.
  • Every day, disinfection of classrooms, common areas and offices will take place periodically at 8:00, 13:00 and 18:00.
  • If space permits, a meeting area will be designated for faculty and staff that allows for appropriate social distancing and hygiene measures. If the space is not available, meetings will be held virtually.
  • No food will be consumed in classrooms or common areas of the facility. Only water will be allowed. Faculty and staff may eat in offices or a space specifically designated for meals and are responsible for proper ventilation, cleaning and sanitizing of space after eating. 

Language Assistants / Classroom visitors

  • Language assistants will work in small groups with the students keeping a distance of at least 1.5 meters from one another.  Facial coverings will be required.

  • Once assigned, the groups will separate throughout the building in approved spaces.

Tutors / After class conversation partners

  • Tutors and students will work in groups of maximum 4 people.

  • Groups will be assigned at The TTU Center prior to the activity.

  • After assignment, groups have the option of sight-seeing around the city or meeting at a local café.

  • Students will practice recommended safety and hygiene protocols throughout the activity.

Excursions and Activities

 Bus safety protocol 

  • Use of the largest bus in the fleet so passengers can social distance. Although buses are already allowed to operate at 100% capacity, social distance is recommended, which means reducing bus capacity to 50-60%. The front seats directly behind the driver must remain vacant.

  • The bus operators will provide hand sanitizer for passengers to use upon boarding the bus. Therefore, passengers must enter from the front door and use the hand sanitizer. They will exit the bus from the front and the back door in order to allow for a rapid evacuation.

  • Passengers need to bring their own masks and wear them along the entire route. The use of N95 masks during travel is recommended and are available at local pharmacies for around 5€. Participants are also encouraged to carry personal hand sanitizer.

  • Cleaning of the seats, floor, ceiling and windows and use of disinfection spray prior and after use will be carried out by the bus operators.

  • The bus has an automatic air recirculation system that frequently removes the air from inside and allows an inflow of fresh air from outside, so the bus atmosphere is continuously renewed.

Visits safety protocol

  • Small groups of up to 16 people.

  • Participants will wear masks and practice social distancing for the entirety of the visit and are encouraged to bring their own sanitizing gel.

  • In case the audio guides are used, they will be disinfected before and after each use. Participants are required to bring their own mini-jack compatible headphones.

  • If the use of audio guides is not allowed or practical, a class presentation will take place prior to the visit in order to promote social distancing during the tour. 

Hotel safety protocol 

  • During the entirety of the stay, including check-in and check-out, social distancing protocols, use of masks and hand sanitizer will be required.
  • Rooming will be assigned by The Center. House roommates will share the same room at the hotel.
  • Host family hygiene in homes protocol should be adhered to during hotel stays.

Additional Participants

  • TTU excursions will not be open to outside participants during this time.
  • Family members of visiting faculty will not be considered outside participants and may be allowed to participate on excursions. Their desire to participate on an excursion must be communicated and approved with sufficient advance notice to the Resident Director of The TTU Center in Sevilla. 

Personal Travel

  • Students must register all personal travel via the following travel form: goo.gl/kvVBd4. One form may be submitted for a group of students travelling together. 
  • Travel outside of Andalucía must be submitted at least 7 days in advance and   destinations will be reviewed for safety.
  • All travel is subject to approval.  Permission may be denied for safety reasons or travel restrictions.
  • No refunds will be made by The TTU Center in Sevilla for personal travel. 

Host Families

Housing requirements – criteria necessary to participate as a host family:

  • Each student must have their own room.

  • Houses will be located close enough to The TTU Center in Sevilla so that public transportation will not be necessary (maximum 20-minute walk). 

  • The house must have a minimum of two bathrooms, one of which will be used exclusively by the students. 

Hygiene in homes – Responsibilities to be carried out by host family and students

  • Individual towels and hand towels will be provided and washed frequently - Host family responsibility
  • Daily disinfection of keys, cell phones, etc. - Student responsibility
  • Clothes to be washed at maximum temperature – Host family responsibility 
  • Daily ventilation of the household - Host family and student responsibility
  • Frequent disinfection of locks, doorknobs, light switches etc. - Host family and student responsibility
  • The use of disposable tissue (vs. handkerchiefs) - Student responsibility
  • Daily emptying of waste baskets - Host family and student responsibility 


  • Students are required to have their Sanitas health insurance card and a copy of their passport with them at all times.

  • Students need to have a working cell phone with data to be able to call for assistance and translation when receiving health care due to possible restrictions on accompanying patients in health care settings. 

  • Local law allows for mandatory testing in certain circumstances, which could apply to the TTU community in Sevilla

  • We are working to ensure the availability of testing for the TTU community in Sevilla

Daily self-screening   

  • Faculty, staff and students must do the TTU self-screening questionnaire daily before participating in activities. It can be accessed through the following link:
    https://ttucovid19.ttu.edu/User/SelfScreening (Thermometer will be provided in the welcome pack

Protocols of Covid-19 illness of student, faculty, staff or host family member

  • Students, faculty, staff and host families have the obligation to inform the staff of The TTU Center in Sevilla if:
    • A host family member falls ill
    • A student falls ill
    • A staff of faculty member falls ill
  • The Resident Director of the TTU Center in Sevilla will contact the Director of Study Abroad and Vice Provost for International Affairs upon learning of a suspected Covid-19 case. 
  • Illness or suspected illness will be communicated with local health authorities.
  •  If necessary, areas of exposure in TTU facility will be secured and isolated for 24 hours. Space will then be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized before use. 
  • Close contacts of infected individual will self-isolate, monitor for symptoms of COVID-19 including checking temperature twice a day, and with the help of TTU staff will seek guidance from health care provider.
  • After 14 days with no symptoms, close contacts of a Covid-19 positive case may return to TTU facility and activities.
  • If someone has tested positive or has had symptoms, they may return to the facility after all of the following conditions are met: 1) 3 days with no fever without fever reducing medication, and 2) respiratory symptoms have improved, and 3) 10 days have passed since symptoms first appeared. In addition, a negative PCR test for resuming normal activity may be required by Spanish law.
  • If local guidelines from public health authorities are different, they must be followed as well.
  • Depending on availability, specific details of the situation and preference of involved parties, self-isolation of students may occur at the host family or alternative accommodation. Food will be provided for students.
  • All necessary medical care will be covered by Sanitas.
  • Additional hygiene guidelines will be provided for self-isolation.
  • Class assignments will be accessible in an online format should a student or group of the TTU community in Seville self-isolate.
  • Basic staff activity should be designed in a way that allows for activity to continue in the case of staff illness.
  • If a host family member falls ill:
    • Possible relocation and self-quarantine of student(s) in new home. 
    • The new host family should follow hygiene guidance during student self-quarantine period.