Texas Tech University

Study Abroad Fair Sponsorship

Are you interested in showcasing your organization or institution more prominently during the Texas Tech Study Abroad Fair? If so, consider the following sponsorship opportunities.

Student talking with exhibitor during Study Abroad Fair

Sponsorship Opportunities

Fair Signage and Table Markers: $300

During the Fair, students always ask which programs are best for their major. To help answer this question, the Study Abroad Office uses color-coded table markers (balloons) to identify which programs are suitable for certain majors and academic areas. The color coding helps students navigate the Fair and target exhibitors based on their interests. We do this using balloon bunches and we are seeking $300 to cover the cost of the balloons.

Student Volunteer T-shirts: $500

The Study Abroad Office could not organize such a successful Fair without the help of student volunteers who are primarily study abroad alumni. In exchange for their assistance during set-up and during the event, students are provided with a special Study Abroad t-shirt. We are seeking $500 to cover t-shirt printing costs.

Academic Advisor Breakfast: $700

On the morning of the Fair, the Study Abroad Office invites Academic Advisors from all Colleges and departments on campus to attend a breakfast. During this breakfast, we speak about the study abroad process, any changes that have occurred, etc. Breakfast is provided for the Academic Advisors and the cost of the breakfast is $700. Each year, over 30 Academic Advisors attend the breakfast.

Pre-Fair Marketing: $700

The day before the Study Abroad Fair, the Study Abroad Office conducts a special outreach activity to get students excited about the Fair. The activity usually includes bringing an exotic animal to campus. Although it sounds strange, students love to get a selfie with a camel, llama, etc., and this provides Study Abroad staff members a chance to talk about the Fair. Sponsorship covers the cost of bringing the exotic animal to campus. As the sponsor, you are welcome to attend this event to hand out promotional material about your programs.

Lunch for Exhibitors: $800

Here is your opportunity to provide nourishment to your fellow exhibitors! Your sponsorship provides a boxed lunch, snacks and water to all exhibitors and will feature a sticker on the lunch with your logo. 

Student Backpacks: $1,000

In addition to using balloons to color coordinate programs and academic areas, each student is presented with a drawstring backpack as they enter the Fair. The backpacks are also color coordinated to help students locate appropriate programs. We are seeking $1,000 to cover the purchase of backpacks to be used at the Fair. Multiple student backpack sponsorships are available.

In return for your sponsorship, the Study Abroad Office will:

  • Include a special announcement of your sponsorship in a slide show that is displayed continuously throughout the Fair
  • If you sponsor the Fair signage and table markers for $300, each balloon bunch will have a small sign attached that states the balloons are sponsored by your organization. There will be approximately 65 balloons bunches through the Fair and in turn, 65 signs with information about your organization displayed. 
  • If you sponsor the Academic Advisor Breakfast, a small sign will be placed on each table so the Academic Advisors will see your organization's information. Additionally, your organization will be announced as the sponsor of the breakfast and the Study Abroad team will provide the Advisors with brief information about your organization. If you'd like to send any printed materials or swag to have available for the Academic Advisors, this is allowable.
  • If you sponsor the exhibitor lunches, a sticker with your logo will be added to each boxed lunch.
  • If you sponsor the student t-shirts and the student backpacks, your logo can be added to the item.
  • Information about your sponsorship of the Fair will be added to the Texas Tech Study Abroad website.

Each year, the Fair attracts over 1,000 students. Sponsorship requests are on a first-come, first-serve basis and should be directed to Director of Study Abroad Whitney Longnecker. For printing purposes, the latest a sponsorship request can be accepted is August 30, 2019.

Also, if you have other sponsorship ideas the Study Abroad Office would be happy to hear those.