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WCOE International Engineering Programs Scholarship

Engineering students under financial hardship may apply for this scholarship. A student under financial hardship is a student that is eligible for Federal aid through FAFSA or under special circumstances such as death of a family member, loss of job, natural disasters, etc. Preference will be given to students who have applied for other scholarships.

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Texas Tech General Scholarships

All current Texas Tech students may apply for this. Texas Tech University offers scholarships to all students who are continuing their education with Texas Tech. This application allows students to apply for over 4,000 TTU scholarships with just one application. 

Raider Rojos

Raiders Rojos provides retention scholarships for Texas Tech University System students that have completed at least one full semester of study at Texas Tech and have met the minimum cumulative GPA requirement of 3.0.

McKenzie Scholars Program

The Mickey and Barbara McKenzie Scholarship Endowment for Student Enhancement in the Rawls College of Business was established by the McKenzie family in 2014. This scholarship will be used to encourage global learning through study abroad programs for graduate and undergraduate students. The intent is to enhance the overall experience and education for students in the Rawls College of Business.

Scholarship for Honors Study Abroad

Students are eligible to receive this scholarship after completion of their first two semesters of academic work at TTU. Students planning on studying abroad in their last semester must have completed all Honors requirements to be eligible to receive the Honors College Study Abroad scholarship.

Terry Scholars

Students who receive the Terry Scholarship should contact the Texas Tech Terry Scholar Program Coordinator to learn about funding for studying abroad.

Women's Studies Scholarship

The Women's Studies Program offers a scholarship for either one undergraduate or one graduate scholarship.

Student Disability Services Scholarships

Scholarships are awarded late spring and early summer for use during the following school year. Use of these scholarships toward costs of studying abroad depends on the scholarship the type of award. Only SDS registered students are eligible.

College of Human Sciences Wolf Study Abroad Scholarships

The College of Human Sciences (CoHS) provides students with a wide range of valued learning experiences for the purpose of improving and enhancing the human condition. Study abroad is one of those highly-valued experiences providing our students the opportunity to develop multicultural and global competencies. The College of Human Sciences has scholarships available for students enrolled in the CoHS as an undergraduate or graduate student.

Military & Veterans Programs Office Scholarships

Texas Tech University awards scholarships to veterans and dependents each year based upon available funding, and these scholarships can help offset the costs of studying abroad. Information regarding each scholarship, requirements, application, and application process as well as selection process is outlined on the Military & Veterans Programs website. 

Clinton Colgin Scholarship

This scholarship is available for FALL students who study at The Texas Tech University Center in Sevilla, Spain. It is awarded through the fall study abroad application process. Only students participating in the TTU Center in Sevilla are eligible to apply.