Texas Tech University

Cosas de Sevilla #11 - 1, Spring 2019

1 April – 12 April 2019

Dear Family and Friends of the Texas Tech Center in Seville:

Here is a little bonus "cosas".

Things were pretty routine this past couple of weeks with the exception of the fantastic achievements of our mens´ basketball team, which generated a slight deviation to our normal schedule.

As die hard Tech supporters, all of us who were in town over the weekend came to the Center Sunday morning at 3am to watch the final four, and then of course, just about everyone made it to the Center at 3am on Tuesday morning to alternately roar, moan, cheer, moan, really get excited, really get sad for our Red Raiders. Our RAIDER – POWER had the building rocking. Good thing no one lives above or below or nearby. The excitement and energy we generated during that time was something I think we will all remember.

I am sending four pictures, two from the Final Four and two from the championship game. I tried to get everyone in the picture, unfortunately I think I missed just a couple. 

image 4

Image 3

Image 2

Image 1

Semana Santa (Holy Week) is next week, so we should have plenty to share with you.

Until that time, Go Tech, Wreck ´em Tech, Guns Up.