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Honors College in Paris and Milan

Join the Honors College as we explore two of the cultural capitals of Western Europe. 

For 2 1/2 weeks, Dr. Daniel Nathan will guide you through Paris, a city that is the epitome of art, style, and culture. We will spend our two weeks together studying and experiencing first-hand the great art and architecture of Paris and its surroundings. From excursions to Chartres to see the greatest of Gothic cathedrals and to a trip to Giverny to visit the house and gardens of Monet during our study of impressionism, the Paris portion of the program will offer students a historical landscape of artistic movement and innovation. And, of course, we will spend our leisure time hanging in the cafes nibbling pastries on the Left Bank. 

The second 2 1/2 weeks will be spent in Milan with Dr. Aliza Wong and Stefano D'Amico, where we will be living the life of a Milanese student, attending lecture at the University of Milan, eating at the pizzerie, meeting Italian faculty and students. We will learn the history of the city Milan, marvel at the artistic achievements of the great masters of the Italian Renaissance, and stand in awe at the top of a cathedral seemingly made of filigree and lace. We will also explore the histories of other great Italian cities - Verona, Venice, Florence. And we will stop in the Cinque Terre so you can see how these towns have rebuilt after disastrous floods of 2011 and still sparkle with azure waters and colorful buildings nestled into the cliffs. 

Honors College students will take two courses, an upper level seminar with Dr. Nathan and a Summit Experience course with Dr. Wong. 

Eiffel Tower

Courses Offered

  • HONS 4302: Honors College Summit Experience Course
  • HONS 3304: Honors Seminar in Fine Arts

Program Fee

Program Dates

  • June 3- July 7, 2018

Program Open To

  • TTU Students in the Honors College 

Program Fee Includes

  • Accommodations
  • Excursions 
  • Travel from Paris to Milan 
  • Entrance to some local museums
  • Most meals

Program Fee Does Not Include

  • TTU tuition and fees
  • Airfare from the United States to Paris and returning to the U.S. from Milan
  • Education Abroad fee ($200)
  • Personal spending money

For more information:

Contact: Dr. Aliza WongDr. Daniel Nathan 

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