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Photo/Digital Storytelling Contest

Photo Contest

Submit an entry for the annual TTU Study Abroad Photo Contest!

Attach your photo to an email, write “Study Abroad Photo Contest 2016-17” in the subject line, and send it to oia.exhibits@ttu.edu. You will be notified during Spring semester if your submission is selected for the big exhibit, which usually takes place during April.

For information about submission requirements, please visit Annual “Adventures in Study Abroad” Photo Exhibit!.


PechaKucha (pronounced Puh-chaw-Kuh-chaw) is a style of presentation developed in Japan in 2003. The purpose of this presentation format is to channel human creativity into a 6-minute and 40-second PowerPoint that communicates a central message in a fun, informal way. Each PowerPoint is comprised of 20 images placed on 20 slides that are shown for 20 seconds each. The slides advance automatically, and presenters are cued to speak along with their images.

As part of the Welcome Back Event for returned study abroad students, we invite study abroad alumni to do a mini PechaKucha presentation comprised of 15 images placed on 15 slides that are shown for 20 seconds each. For exactly 5 minutes, you can share a story that is depicted with photos for your study abroad experience and illustrates the impact that it had on you.

What makes a good PechaKucha? Good PechaKucha presentations are the ones that uncover something unexpected – a talent, an idea, or an intense emotional experience. Some are incredibly personal, some are incredibly funny, but all are very different and unique to the individual who studied abroad.

If you would be interested in showcasing your PechaKucha, please contact studyabroad@ttu.edu for more details.

Get Published

Many students keep blogs while studying abroad, but not all students realize that they can get their writing published! For more information, students should contact their Study Abroad Advisor or send an email to studyabroad@ttu.edu.

Digital Storytelling

If you created a digital story after your study abroad experience, we hope you will share it with our office. Our staff love to see the creative ways that students reflect on their time abroad and express through media how they have been changed. If you want, we can even share your digital story with prospective study abroad students!

TTU Study Abroad is in the process of developing a competition for digital storytelling projects. Requirements and contest details to come.