Texas Tech University


College of Agricultural Sciences & Natural Resources (0186)
AG Agriculture 01.0000.00   MAGR  
Department of Agricultural & Applied Economics (0131)
AG Agribusiness 01.0101.00   MAB  
AG Agricultural and Applied Economics 01.0103.00 BS MS PHD
Department of Agricultural Education & Communications (0156)
AG Interdisciplinary Agriculture 01.0000.00 BS    
AG Agricultural Communications 01.0802.00 BS MS  
AG Agricultural Education 13.1301.00   MS EDD1
Department of Animal and Food Sciences (0269)
AG Animal Science 01.0901.00 BS MS PHD
AG Food Science 01.1001.00 BS MS  
Department of Landscape Architecture (1690)
AG Landscape Architecture 04.0601.00 BLA MLA  
Department of Plant & Soil Sciences (2310)
AG Horticulture 01.0601.00   MS  
AG Horticultural and Turfgrass Sciences 01.0601.00 BS    
AG Environmental Crop and Soil Sciences 01.1102.00 BS    
AG Plant and Soil Science 01.1102.00     PHD
AG Crop Science 01.1104.00   MS  
AG Soil Science 01.1201.00   MS  
AG Plant Protection 26.0702.00   MS  
Department of Natural Resources Management (2062)
AG Range Science (Phase out 12/31/2014) 01.1106.00   MS PHD
AG Natural Resources Management 03.0101.00 BS    
AG Fisheries Science (Phase out 12/31/2014) 03.0301.00   MS PHD
AG Wildlife, Aquatic, and Wildlands Science and Mgnt. 03.0601.00   MS PHD
College of Architecture (0290)
AR Architecture 04.0201.00 BSARCH MARCH/MS  
College of Arts and Sciences (0335)
AS Latin American and Iberian Studies 05.0107.00 BA    
AS Medical Physics 26.0203.00     DMP
Department of Biological Sciences (0430)
AS Biology 26.0101.00 BS MS PHD
AS Cell and Molecular Biology 26.0406.00 BS    
AS Microbiology 26.0502.00 BS MS  
AS Zoology 26.0701.00 BS MS PHD
Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry (0603)
AS Biochemistry 26.0202.00 BA/BS    
AS Chemistry 40.0501.00 BA/BS MS PHD
Department of Classical & Modern Languages & Literatures (0651)
AS Russian Language and Area Studies 05.0110.00 BA    
AS Applied Linguistics 16.0105.00   MA  
AS German 16.0501.00 BA MA  
AS Romance Languages 16.0900.00   MA  
AS French 16.0901.00 BA    
AS Romance Languages - French (Phase out 12/31/2011) 16.0901.00   MA  
AS Romance Languages - Spanish (Phase out 12/31/2011) 16.0905.00   MA  
AS Spanish 16.0905.00 BA   PHD
AS Classics 16.1200.00 BA MA  
Department of Communication Studies (0674)
AS Communication Studies 23.1304.00 BA MA  
Department of Economics (0830)
AS Economics 45.0601.00 BA/BS MA PHD
AS International Economics 45.0605.00 BSINECO    
Department of English (990)
AS English 23.0101.00 BA MA PHD
AS Technical Communication 23.1303.00 BA MA  
AS Technical Communication & Rhetoric 23.1303.00     PHD
Department of Environmental Toxicology (1073)
AS Environmental Toxicology 26.1004.00   MS PHD
Department of Geosciences (1320)
AS Atmospheric Science 40.0401.00   MS  
AS Geography 45.0701.00 BA    
AS Geosciences 40.0601.00 BA/BS MS PHD
Department of Health, Exercise and Sport Sciences (1429)
AS Exercise and Sport Sciences 31.0505.00 BS MS  
AS Health (Phase out 2012) 51.0001.00 BS    
Department of History ( 1450)
AS History 54.0101.00 BA MA PHD
Department of Mathematics and Statistics (1895)
AS Mathematics 27.0101.00 BA/BS MA/MS PHD
AS Statistics 27.0501.00   MS  
Department of Philosophy (2230)
AS Philosophy 38.0101.00 BA MA  
Department of Physics (2300)
AS Physics 40.0801.00 BS MS PHD
AS Physics - Applied Physics 40.0801.01   MS  
Department of Political Science (2340)
AS Political Science 45.1001.00 BA MA PHD
Department of Psychology (2380)
AS Psychology 42.0101.00 BA MA PHD
AS Psychology - General Experimental Psychology 42.2704.00   MA PHD
AS Psychology - Clinical Psychology 42.2801.00     PHD
AS Psychology - Counseling Psychology 42.2803.00   MA PHD
Department of Sociology, Anthropology, & Social Work (2612)
AS Social Work 44.0701.00 BA    
AS Anthropology 45.0201.00 BA MA  
AS Sociology 45.1101.00 BA MA  
Jerry S. Rawls College of Business Administration (0500)
BA Economics 45.0601.00 BBA    
BA Energy Commerce 52.0299.01 BBA    
BA General Business 52.0101.00 BBA    
BA Business Administration 52.0201.00   MS PHD
BA General Business 52.0201.00   MBA  
BA International Business Administration 52.1101.00   IMBA  
Area of Accounting (0010)
BA Accounting 52.0301.00 BBA MSACC  
Area of Finance (1110)
BA Finance 52.0801.00 BBA    
Area of Information Systems/Quantitative Sciences (1642)
BA Management Information Systems 11.0401.00 BBA    
Area of Management (1780)
BA Management 52.0201.00 BBA    
Area of Marketing & International Business (1846)
BA International Business 52.1101.00 BBA    
BA Marketing 52.1401.00 BBA    
College of Education (0850)
ED Multidisciplinary Science 13.1316.00   MS  
Department of Curriculum & Instruction (0750)
EDC Bilingual Education 13.0201.00   MED  
EDC Curriculum and Instruction 13.0301.00   MED PHD
EDC Elementary Education 13.1202.00   MED  
EDC Language/Literacy Education 13.1315.00   MED  
EDC Multidisciplinary Science 30.0101.00 BS    
EDC Multidisciplinary Studies 30.9999.01 BS    
EDC Secondary Education 13.1205.00   MED  
Department of Educational Psychology & Leadership (0932)
EDP Educational Leadership 13.0401.00   MED EDD4
EDP Instructional Technology 13.0501.00   MED EDD
EDP Instructional Technology - Distance Education 13.0501.00   MED  
EDP Higher Education 13.0601.00   MED EDD [PHD]
EDP Higher Education - Higher Education Research 13.0601.00     PHD
EDP Special Education 13.1001.00   MED EDD
EDP Counselor Education 13.1101.00   MED PHD
EDP Educational Psychology 42.2806.00   MED PHD
College of Engineering (0965)
EN Engineering 14.0101.00   MENGR  
EN Bioengineering 14.0501.00   MS  
Department of Chemical Engineering (0590)
EN Chemical Engineering 14.0701.00 BSCHE MSCHE PHD
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering (0622)
EN Civil Engineering 14.0801.00 BSCE MSCE PHD
EN Environmental Engineering 14.1401.00 BSENEGR MENVEGR  
Department of Computer Science (0720)
EN Computer Science 11.0101.00 BS MS PHD
EN Software Engineering 14.0903.00   MS  
Department of Construction Engineering and EngineeringTechnology (0647)
EN Construction Engineering 14.3301.00 BS    
EN Engineering Technology 15.0000.00 BSET    
EN Engineering Technology - Construction Technology 15.0101.00 BSET    
EN Engineering Technology - Elec/Electronics Technology 15.0303.00 BSET    
EN Engineering Technology - Mechanical Technology 15.0805.00 BSET    
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (0940)
EN Computer Engineering 14.0901.00 BS    
EN Electrical Engineering 14.1001.00 BSEE MSEE PHD
Department of Industrial Engineering (1620)
EN Industrial Engineering 14.3501.00 BSIE MSIE PHD
EN Manufacturing Systems Engineering 14.3601.00   MSMSE  
EN Systems and Engineering Management 14.2701.00   MSSEM PHD
Department of Mechanical Engineering (1920)
EN Mechanical Engineering 14.1901.00 BSME MSME PHD
Department of Petroleum Engineering (2210)
EN Petroleum Engineering 14.2501.00 BSPE MSPE PHD
Graduate School (1368)
GR Arid Land Studies 03.0104.00   MS  
GR Biotechnology 26.1201.00   MS  
GR Heritage Management 30.1201.00   MS  
GR Museum Science 30.1401.00   MA  
GR Wind Science and Engineering 14.1301.00     PHD
Honors College (1518)
HR Arts and Letters 24.0101.00 BA    
HR Environment and The Humanities 24.0101.00 BA    
College of Human Sciences (1562)
Department of Applied and Professional Studies (0273)
HS Family & Consumer Sciences Education 13.1308.00   MS PHD
HS Family & Consumer Sciences 19.0101.00 BSFCS    
HS Human Sciences 19.0101.00 BS    
HS Personal Financial Planning 19.0401.00 BS MS  
HS Community, Family, and Addictive Services 19.0707.00 BS    
HS Marriage & Family Therapy 51.1505.00   MS PHD
HS Personal Financial Planning 52.0804.00     PHD
Department of Design (0789)
HS Interior and Environmental Design 04.0401.00     PHD
HS Interior Design 04.0501.00 BID    
HS Environmental Design 19.0601.00   MS  
HS Apparel Design & Manufacturing 50.0407.00 BS    
Department of Human Development & Family Studies (1547)
HS Human Development & Family Studies 19.0701.00 BS MS PHD
HS Early Childhood 19.0706.00 BS    
HS Human Development & Family Studies - Gerontology 30.1101.00   MS  
Department of Nutrition, Hospitality, and Retailing (2122)
HS Nutritional Sciences 19.0501.00   MS PHD
HS Nutrition 19.0501.00 BS    
HS Nutritional Sciences and Dietetics 51.3101.00 BS    
HS Hospitality Administration 52.0901.00     PHD
HS Hospitality and Retail Management6 52.0904.00   MS6  
HS Restaurant, Hotel, & Institutional Management 52.0904.00 BSRHIM    
HS Retail Management 52.1902.00 BS    
Interdisciplinary (1655)
ID Agribusiness 01.0101.00 BS    
ID Land Use Planning, Management, & Design 03.0206.00     PHD
ID Interdisciplinary Studies 30.9999.01   MA/MS  
ID Public Administration 44.0401.00   MPA  
School of Law (1710)
LW Law 22.0101.00     JD5
College of Mass Communications (1860)
MC Mass Communication 09.0102.00   MA PHD
Department of Advertising (0090)
MC Advertising 09.0903.00 BA    
Department of Electronic Media and Communication (0942)
MC Electronic Media and Communications 09.0701.00 BA    
Department of Journalism (1670)
MC Journalism 09.0401.00 BA    
MC Journalism - News/Editorial 09.0401.00 BA    
MC Journalism - Broadcast Journalism 09.0701.00 BA    
Department of Public Relations (2418)
MC Public Relations 09.0902.00 BA    
Provost Office (2371)
Department of Aerospace Studies (0120)
Department of Military Science (2020)
Department of Naval Science (2080)
University College (2855)
UC General Studies 24.0102.00 BGS    
UC University Studies 30.9999.31 BA/BS    
College of Visual & Performing Arts (2936)
VP General Studies 24.0102.00 BGS    
VP Fine Arts 50.0101.00     PHD
School of Art (0310)
VP Art Education 13.1302.00   MAE  
VP Art 50.0701.00 BFA MFA  
VP Art - Art History 50.0701.00 BA    
VP Art History 50.0703.00   MA  
School of Music (2060)
VP Music Education 13.1312.00   MMED  
VP Music 50.0901.00 BA/BM MM DMA
Department of Theatre & Dance (2833)
VP Dance 50.0301.00 BA    
VP Theatre Arts 50.0501.00 BA/BFA MA/MFA  

1. Joint program with Texas A&M University when offered by distance education

2. Joint program with Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center

3. Being phase out

4. Also offered in cooperation with West Texas A&M University - Degree-Granting Authority

5. May also be offered as a dual degree with the MD degree in Medicine awarded by Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center

NOTE: New programs effective 1/1/2011 have been added in this list

Some programs that are to be phased out effective 12/31/2010 have been removed in this list

Institutional Research