TTU Personal Web Page and TechDrive systems changes - January 2011

Note: This announcement is no longer current and has been maintained only for archival purposes.

On the morning of Wednesday, January 5th, 2011, changes will be made to the Texas Tech University Personal Web Page ( and TechDrive personal file share ( services; new web hosting and file share hardware will increase usability, reliability, robustness, and security. Please read this announcement thoroughly to note all changes that will affect your website and file share services. This same announcement will be emailed to all current Personal Web Page users.

Important points regarding both services:

  • Texas Tech is re-branding our web and file share services: Personal Web Pages will become "MyWeb" and TechDrive will become "RaiderDrive".
  • MyWeb and RaiderDrive storage will be joined together to improve accessibility and simplify the management of these services.
  • Your combined disk quota (storage space) for these services will increase to 2 GB.
  • eRaider Account Manager ( will become the central point for initially requesting these services.

Important points regarding MyWeb:

  • FrontPage and FrontPage Extensions *will no longer be supported* on the new hardware, since Microsoft discontinued its support of these services in 2006. FrontPage connectivity will be replaced by a newer technology, WebDAV, though the connection process will be similar to FrontPage. Website components created with FrontPage, such as hit counters, scrolling marquees, and other webbots requiring the use of FrontPage Server Extensions will no longer function following this transition. The webpages and respective data currently available through your Personal Web Pages will transitioned to the new platform.
  • FTP connections *will no longer be supported*, as they do not meet State of Texas mandates for security. As an alternative to FTP, website content may be modified via file share while connected to the TTUnet network.
  • IT Help Central will support the use of the following web development tools for connection to your MyWeb:
  • A new folder named "myweb" will appear inside your RaiderDrive folder; any files placed there will be publicly viewable across the Internet with your MyWeb address.
  • URLs previously published using '' or '' will automatically redirect visitors to the new MyWeb URL.

Important points regarding RaiderDrive:

  • All files currently stored in TechDrive will be migrated over and available in RaiderDrive. Nothing is required of the customer.
  • Any files placed outside the "myweb" folder will only be available to the account owner.
  • RaiderDrive will be accessible through the web at Raiderlink on the TTU Employee or TTU Student tab, or through a file share using '' as the server's path.

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