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Outbound Message Filtering in TechMail

NOTE: This announcment is no longer current and has been maintained only for archival purposes.

No One at Texas Tech University or from Anywhere Else Should Ask For Your Password

Despite continued warnings from the TTU IT Division, a small number of TTU faculty, staff, and students have responded to “phishing” emails by replying with their eRaider usernames and passwords, as well as other confidential information. As a result, spammers have been able to use these accounts to generate large quantities of spam. Subsequently, major email providers have placed the TTU mail domain on their "black list", causing legitimate emails sent to those providers (Yahoo, MSN, HotMail, Google, etc.) to be rejected and not delivered.

In order to address this problem, the TTU IT Division has implemented two new email features:

For details on these features, please see this article in askIT.

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