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TTUnet Wireless Access Point Upgrade

During the months of April and May 2009, the TTU IT Division will be performing maintenance on the access points (radios) providing the wireless Internet service at Texas Tech University. Each radio will be replaced with a newer, improved version which will allow for better security and increased speed and reliability.

Due to the large number of radios on campus (658 total), this maintenance will need to be performed during normal business hours. The resulting interruption in service should last no longer than 3-5 minutes, however, and will only affect small areas of wireless coverage at a time. In addition, the network maintenance work will not be performed during finals week. Maintenance will commence again after grade rolls are due.

At this time, no changes will need to be made to your wireless configuration in order to connect to the new wireless radios.  The network maintenance work will not be performed during finals week and will commence after grade rolls are due.

At the conclusion of the radio replacement project, the wireless network will transition to an improved security and encryption method known as WPA2/AES. Announcements will be sent out regarding laptop/iPhone configuration details late in May. Please do not make changes to your current wireless configuration at this time.

April 6 – April 10

April 13 – April 17

April 20 – April 24

April 27 – April 29

May 6 – May 8

May 11 – May 15

May 18 – May 20