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Anti-spam mail techniques

No one at Texas Tech University or from anywhere else should ask for your password.

TechMail, the TTU Information Technology (IT) Division's email service, provides sophisticated levels of filtering to all users. When an external user sends email to a TechMail user, the filter evaluates the content of the messages for recognizable patterns and assigns the message a rating based on the probability that the message is unsolicited commercial email or spam. This rating is called the Spam Confidence Level (SCL). Messages scored 0-2 will be delivered to the recipient's Inbox; those scored 3-7 will deliver to the recipient's Junk E‑mail folder; and those scored 8-9 are refused and returned to the sender. In addition to this automatic filtering, TechMail offers customer-managed filtering options at the client and server level to help manage unwanted and unsolicited email.

Specific tasks related to junk email filtering:

To avoid mailbox quota issues, junk email should be reviewed carefully, and then deleted or archived on a regular basis.

IT Help Central will be glad to assist anyone with changing their settings. If you have any questions or need additional assistance, please contact IT Help Central at (806) 742-HELP [4357].


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