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Activesync Password Reset

No One at Texas Tech University or from Anywhere Else Should Ask For Your Password

STEP 1:  From your desktop click Start button.  Then go to All Programs.  After this select Microsoft Active Sync.  The following window will appear.  It will show your "PC Last Synchronized" information.


STEP 2:  Connect your Pocket PC to your computer using either the USB cable or the Docking Station.  The following window will show up and the system will begin connecting.


STEP 3:  The following window will only appear if you have already connected and setup your PDA to use ActiveSync with your computer.  If that is the case, the following window will open automatically.


STEP 4:  This window will display all of your synchronization settings.  In the "Password:" field, enter in your new password.  Your "Server Name," "User name," and "Domain" fields should remain the same.

If you would like to SAVE your password (store it) then make sure there is a checkmark in the section that states "Save Password".

STEP 5:  Now click Next and then Finish.