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Mapped Network Drives Password Reset

No One at Texas Tech University or from Anywhere Else Should Ask For Your Password

For Users who log onto the TTU Domain:

After resetting your eRaider Password, it is recommended that you log out of your computer, and wait one minute before logging back on.  This will automatically update the password associated with all of your mapped network drives.

For users who have manually-entered passwords on their networked drives:

STEP 1:  From the Start Menu, open My Computer.

Note:  If you are using the Classic Windows Theme, the My Computer icon will be located on your Desktop.


STEP 2:  In the Network Drives section, right click on the network drive that has your username and password stored, and click on Properties.


STEP 3:  In the Properties window, click on the DFS tab.  Here the Path for this network drive will be listed.  This information can be found in the referral list.  You will need to write down the Path, exactly as it is listed for later use.  This is case sensitive.  You should also note the drive letter that is associated with this Path.  The drive letter is shown in the box directly above the referral list.


STEP 4:  Now click OK.  You should repeat steps 2 through 4 for each mapped network drive that will need to be updated with the new password.  Once you have recorded the information for each network drive, continue to step 5.

STEP 5:  Now, right click on each network drive that you recorded information for in the previous steps and click on Disconnect.


STEP 6:  Once you have disconnected all of your mapped network drives, close the My Computer window.

STEP 7:  From the Start Menu, right click on My Network Places and select Map Network Drive.

Note:  If you are using the Classic Windows Theme, the My Network Places icon will be located on your Desktop.


STEP 8: You will now use the information that you recorded earlier in this process to re-map you network drives.  Enter in the Path information exactly as you recorded it and select the correct drive letter as well.  Now click on the different user name link to enter your log-in credentials.


STEP 9:  In the Connect As window, enter your username in the form "ttu\eRaider" in the Username field and then enter your new eRaider password in the Password field.  Once you have done this, click OK.


STEP 10:  You will now be back in the Map Network Drive window.  Click Finish to re-map your network drive.  To re-map any other network drives that you recorded earlier, repeat steps 7 through 10 until all of your drives have been re-mapped with your new eRaider password.