Texas Tech University

403 Error

You were redirected to this page because you tried to visit a website at one of the following hosts:

  • www.myweb.ttu.edu
  • myweb.ttu.edu
  • www.orgs.ttu.edu
  • www.depts.ttu.edu


One of the following may be true:

  • The path in your web browser's address bar may not be correct.
  • The administrator of the website may not have placed a default page inside the root or a sub-folder of their web space.
  • You may not have the permissions required to view the website you specified.


STEP 1:  Make sure you typed the correct address for the website.

STEP 2:  After the website administrator activates their web service, they need to create a default page in the root folder of their account.  Check with the website administrator to see if they have saved a default page for their website.

The default page should be saved as one of the following file names:

  • index.php
  • index.asp
  • index.aspx
  • index.htm
  • index.html
  • default.php
  • default.asp
  • default.aspx
  • default.htm
  • default.html
  • home.php
  • home.asp
  • home.aspx
  • home.htm
  • home.html

Only one of these files is needed. This file is the page that is displayed when users browse to:

  • http://www.myweb.ttu.edu/eRaider_username
  • http://myweb.ttu.edu/eRaider_username
  • http://www.depts.ttu.edu/department_name
  • http://www.orgs.ttu.edu/organization_name

STEP 3:  Make sure you have permissions to access the website.  Some websites are not accessible anonymously and require you to authenticate.  In these cases, you should be presented with a prompt asking you to sign in.  Be sure to enter the appropriate credentials to access the site, and contact the administrator of the site if you need to gain access.


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