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Activate Your eRaider Account

No One at Texas Tech University or from Anywhere Else Should Ask For Your Password

An activation code is needed to activate an eRaider account for the first time. Contact IT Help Central to obtain your activation code.

Once you have your activation code, follow these steps:

Step 1:

Browse to https://eraider.ttu.edu.

Step 2:

Click Activate Account.


Step 3:

Type the requested information and review the 'Terms of Use' statement. Click I Agree if you agree to the terms.

Step 4: 

Type a password of your choice which conforms to the requirements. Then, click Continue.

NOTE: You will not be presented with the password again, so pick a password that you can remember..

Step 5: 

Set a Password Reset Question, set an answer, and click Continue.

Step 6:

Select your email alias. You may select one of the default addresses presented or type a custom address. The portion of your alias after the dot comes from your last name in Texas Tech's authoritative records and cannot be changed except by changing the authoritative records.

Click Continue after selecting an email alias.

Step 7: 

If your account has access to both TTU and TTUHSC email, you will be prompted to select a primary address. After selecting your primary address, click Continue.

Step 8: 

If you have access to enterprise voice services, you must set a PIN for conferencing and voice mail. Type a PIN which meets the stated criteria. Then, click Continue.

Step 9: 

Review and approve your information for submission. Click Activate Account.


Activation is now complete. Wait up to 30 minutes for your account to be created. After waiting 30 minutes you should now be able to sign in and access eRaider-authenticated services.