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Reset Your eRaider Password

No One at Texas Tech University or from Anywhere Else Should Ask For Your Password

STEP 1:  Browse to http://www.eraider.ttu.edu.


STEP 2:  Click Forgot password?


STEP 3:  Provide identification information, then click Next.

STEP 4:  Answer the Password Reminder question to continue. The answer to the Password Reminder question is not case-sensitive.

However, it DOES recognize spaces, so you must enter the answer now in the same way that you entered it when you first set up the Password Reminder. Click Next after you have answered the question.


STEP 5:  You can now create a new password. After the password has been created, click Set Password.

NOTE: If you pick a computer generated password, you MUST manually type it in. Also, you will not be presented with the password again, so you must remember the password you entered.


STEP 6:  You must confirm on the next screen that you want to set the new password for the changes to take effect by clicking Set Password again.


STEP 7:  It may take up to 5 minutes for the new password to become active on all eRaider services.