Schedule a Regular Virus Scan in Norton AntiVirus 11

STEP 1: Open the Applications folder and double-click on Norton AntiVirus.

STEP 2: Click Automatic Protection.

STEP 3: Click the Configure button under Scheduled Protection.

NOTE: If the Configure button is greyed out, click on the lock icon on the bottom left of the screen you enable the button. If prompted, enter your Mac username and password.

STEP 4: Click Add Virus Scan Event.

STEP 5: Choose Event Name, Event Type, Event Frequency and other settings.

NOTE: It is recommended that virus scans be run regularly in order to make sure your computer is free of viruses. In order to avoid unwanted slow down while using your computer you may wish to schedule virus scans to run overnight.

STEP 6: Click Click to select to choose which files and folders to scan.

NOTE: It is recommended to scan the whole hard drive. Click on the hard drive listed under Devices to select it and click Choose to finish.

STEP 7: Click OK to finish configuring the scan.

STEP 8: Click Status and Scanning. Verify that Next Scheduled Scan shows the newly created scan.