Schedule a Regular Virus Scan in Symantec Endpoint Protection 11

Because new viruses are created all the time, you must update your virus definition files on a regular basis. You should also scan your computer for viruses on a regular basis. Symantec Endpoint Protection allows you to schedule automated scans so that you do not have to start each scan yourself.

STEP 1: Open Symantec Endpoint Protection by going to Start -> All Programs -> Symantec Endpoint Protection -> Symantec Endpoint Protection.

STEP 2:  Click Scan for threats.

STEP 3: Click Create a New Scan.

STEP 4: Select which type of scan to run. Click Next.

NOTE: Active scans work much quicker than full scans. However, active scans are not as thorough as full scans. It is recommended that you run a full scan on your computer regularly.

STEP 5: Make sure All types is selected. Click Next.

STEP 6:   Select At specified times. Click Next.

STEP 7: Select the frequency and time of the scans. Click Next.

NOTE: Your computer may become slow or unresponsive while running a virus scan, for this reason it is best to choose a time when your computer will not be in use.

STEP 8:  Type a name for the scan in the Scan Name field. Make sure Enable the scan is checked. Click Finish.

STEP 9:Verify that the new scan is listed in the scans list.