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Scheduling Virus Definition Updates in Norton Antivirus for Mac

IT Help Central - Norton Antivirus (Macintosh) Scheduling

Just as you can set Norton Antivirus to automatically scan your computer for viruses (see Scheduling Virus Scans in Norton Antivirus for Macintosh), you can schedule automatic virus definition updates. These updates ensure that your computer is protected against the newest viruses, and they also incorporate any new changes to the Norton Antivirus software itself.

Note: Your computer must be on and be connected to the Internet to receive the update information.

Step 1:  Click the Norton Symantec icon on the toolbar.  Then navigate to: LiveUpdate -> Open Symantec Scheduler.

Step 2:  Click Symantec Scheduler.

Step 3:  Click the New button.

Step 4:  The Add AntiVirus Scan Task box will appear. You must give a name to this scheduled update or "event".  Click Browse... to select the volume to scan.

Step 5: Select Macintosh HD as the scan target.  Now click Select.

Step 6: After returning to the Add AntiVirus Scan Task box, click Save.  You should now see the following box:  You may now exit the Symantec Scheduler.