Schedule Virus Definition Updates in Symantec Endpoint Protection

By default, LiveUpdate is set to run automatically each day to ensure that your computer has the latest protection from spyware and viruses. Follow the directions below to verify this setting has not been changed and your computer is regularly getting updates.

STEP 1: Open Symantec Endpoint Protection by going to Start -> All Programs -> Symantec Endpoint Protection -> Symantec Endpoint Protection.

STEP 2: Click Change settings.

STEP 3: Click Configure Settings next to "Client Management."

STEP 4: Click the Scheduled Updates tab.

  1. Check Enable Automatic Updates.
  2. Under "Frequency," choose how often you would like to check for updates, the default choice is Daily.
  3. Select when you would like to check for updates, the default is 8:00 PM.
  4. Check Randomize the start time, this helps prevent undue loading of the network which is helpful if your computer is located on campus.
  5. Click OK.