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Setup L2TP VPN for Tiger

STEP 1:  Verify that your TTU Active Directory Account is Active:

  1. Go to https://eraider.ttu.edu and sign in using your eRaider username and password.
  2. Under Active Directory Information, verify that your TTU\username (e.g. TTU\jdoe) is set to "Active."

STEP 2: Go to Macintosh HD -> Applications.

STEP 3: Open Internet Connect.

STEP 4: Click File -> New VPN Connection.

NOTE: If an existing TTUnet VPN connection exists, be sure to drag that connection to the Trash icon to be deleted.

NOTE: If the "New VPN Connection" is grayed out, select the VPN icon to create a new VPN connection.

STEP 5: Select L2TP over IPSec. Click Continue.

STEP 6: Click the VPN (L2TP) icon. From the Configuration pull-down item, select Edit Configurations.

STEP 7: Configure the following information, then click OK.

  • Description: TTUnet VPN
  • Server Address: vpn.ttu.edu
  • Account Name: Your eRaider Username
  • User Authentication: Password
  • Password: Your eRaider Password
  • Machine Authentication: Shared Secret
  • Shared Secret: TTUnetVPN (This is case sensitive)

NOTE: If you type your VPN password on this screen, you must remember to update the password in your VPN settings the next time you change your eRaider password. You may opt to leave the password field blank, in which case you will have to type your password each time you connect to VPN.

STEP 8: Click the VPN (L2TP) icon, then verify the following:

  • Configuration: TTUnet VPN
  • Server address: vpn.ttu.edu
  • Account Name: Your eRaider Username
  • Password: Your eRaider Password

Click Connect.