Creating a ZIP archive with Password protection

STEP 1: After opening the WinZip program in "Classic" mode, a window appears. In this window, you can create ZIP archives by clicking the 'New' icon.

A window appears prompting you to name the new ZIP archive file and to specify the location of the new file.

STEP 2: In this case, we'll choose the Desktop as the location and name the file "FirstZip"

Once you specify the name and location of the new ZIP archive file, you can specify the files to include in the ZIP file.

NOTE: Before you include the files in the ZIP archive, you need to choose “Encrypt added files”.

STEP 3: Enter your password.

STEP 4: The selected files will automatically be included in the new ZIP archive entitled

STEP 5: Attach the created ZIP archive file to an email and be sure to include the password in the body of the email for use in unzipping the file by the recipient.