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Set AutoArchive settings for Outlook 2003 & Outlook 2007

IT Help Central - Set AutoArchive settings for Outlook

A feature of Outlook is the auto-archiving of your items.  This process is very important, as it's likely that all of the items you wish to store will not fit into the limited space on the TechMail servers.  The AutoArchive process takes the oldest items and transfers them to a Personal Folder on your computer's hard drive where it can remain easily-accessible.  Thus, auto-archiving is very useful in the maintenance of your TechMail account. 

The following steps show how to set up the auto-archiving process.

STEP 1:  Select Options from the Tools menu in Outlook.

          [ Click on Tools menu, then select Options...]

STEP 2:  Select the Other tab.

          [ Options menu contains tabs, which group options...]

STEP 3:  Click the AutoArchive... button.

          [ Select Other tab and AutoArchive button appears there...]

STEP 4:  There are many options available for the auto-archiving process.  These include setting the interval for the AutoArchive process to occur.  You can also let AutoArchive run silently in the background without bothering you during the process.  You can also choose the location of the archive folder (where you want your old contents stored).

Configure the settings according to your personal preferences and click the OK button to save the AutoArchive settings.

          [ Window containing AutoArchive settings...]

STEP 5:  Click OK again to save the Options window.

STEP 6:  You can set individual archiving behaviors for each folder in your TechMail account.  Just go to the folder view of your mailbox. 

          [ Select Folder List from the View menu to show or hide the folder view...]

STEP 7:  Right-click any folder and select Properties.

          [ Each folder has sets of properties.  AutoArchive is a set of those properties...]

STEP 8:  Select the AutoArchive tab from the Properties window to set the Archiving for each folder individually.  You can choose to not archive a folder, use default, or custom settings.  After changing the settings, click the OK button to save the settings.

          [ Set the AutoArchive properties for each folder in the Exchange server...]