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How Do I - Change your screen resolution.

IT Help Central - How Do I - Change your screen resolution

Why would I want to change my Screen resolution?

Screen resolution settings determine the amount of information your monitor displays. At low settings, you see a relatively small amount of information (only part of a spreadsheet or Web page, for example), but the items themselves (text, icons, etc.) appear relatively large.  High-resolution settings make it so that more information is visible but the items on the screen appear smaller.

Some applications are designed to operate only in a specific screen resolution.  These applications may function properly in other resolutions but they might be hard to read or some information might not be shown due to the application not fitting properly in your current resolution.  If you are having problems with an application not displaying properly, you might want to try adjusting your resolution.  Many older applications were designed for the 800X600 resolution and do not display properly with anything different.

To Change your Screen resolution:

Step 1:  Click the right mouse button anywhere on the desktop, and then click Properties.

Step 2:  On the Display Properties tab, click Settings.

Step 3: 
In the Colors list, you can select how many colors you would like for the monitor to display.  The higher number of colors you choose, the better the graphics on your screen will look.

Step 4: 
The Screen resolution slider can be used to set how many pixels you can display on your screen.  Larger numbers means more pixels, and better quality.  You probably won't want less than 800 x 600.  Note:  As the the resolution gets larger, items such as icons and text will appear on your screen smaller than before.

Step 5: 
Select the settings that you prefer the most and Click Apply.

Windows will now temporarily change your screen resolution so that you can approve the changes.

Step 6: 
If everything appears how you would like it to, click Yes when asked if you want to keep these settings.

If a different message appears asking if you want to restart your computer, you will have to click Yes before the new settings will take effect.

Should your screen go blank or appear to go wild at any time, don’t panic.  It will return to its original settings after 15 seconds.  If this does happen, it means that the settings you chose are not compatible with your hardware and you should choose a different combination such as a smaller resolution or less colors.