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Setup Entourage 2008 for Exchange

STEP 1: Open Entourage 2008. If this is your first time to open Entourage 2008 you may be presented with the Entourage Setup Assistant. Close this window before proceeding.

Entourage Setup Assistant Step 1

STEP 2: If prompted, choose whether you would like Entourage 2008 to be set as your default email client.

Set Default email Client Prompt

STEP 3: With Entourage open, click Entourage -> Account Settings.

STEP 4:  Click New.

Entourage Accounts List

STEP 5: Click Configure Account Manually.

STEP 6: Select Exchange for the Account Type, then click OK.

STEP 7: Under the Account Settings tab enter the following:

STEP 8: Click the Advanced tab, then enter the following:

STEP 9: Click OK.