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BlackBerry TechMail Setup

Follow the instructions below to configure your BlackBerry Curve to access your TechMail account using the Exchange OWA option.

You must have data service on your phone plan to send/receive emails.

STEP 1: Click the menu button.


STEP 2: Scroll down and click Setup.


STEP 3: Click Personal Email Set Up.


STEP 4: Under “Add an existing email account”, click Add.


STEP 5: Click Other, and then click Next.


STEP 6: Configure the following, then click Next:


STEP 7: A screen will appear that says it was unable to set up your account. Scroll to the bottom and click I will provide the settings to add this email account. Click Next.



STEP 8: Click This is my work email account, and then click Next.


STEP 9: Under “Outlook Web Access” click I can access my email account using a Web browser (Outlook Web Access).


STEP 10: Enter the following information, then click Next:



STEP 11: You should now see a screen that says you have successfully added your TechMail account. You should begin receiving new messages in approximately 20 minutes.



NOTE: If you intend to no longer use your BlackBerry, please be aware of the following:

  1. Your TechMail account is retained on the device even if you wipe the device.
  2. Your TechMail account may continue checking e-mail on the device even after it has been wiped. This will begin after it is connected to the cellular network.
  3. Old e-mails may appear on the device even after wiping the device.

It is recommended that you remove your TechMail account through the Personal E-mail Setup portion of the device prior to wiping the device.