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Setup TechMail for Exchange in Mac Mail 4

STEP 1: Click the Mail icon in the dock or in your Applications folder to open Mail.


STEP 2: If you have not previously configured your email account in Mail, you will be prompted for your account information. If so, skip to Step 5.

If you have already configured an email account, click Mail in the menu bar and choose Preferences.


STEP 3: Select the Accounts button.

If you have previously configuration your TechMail account, select it from the Accounts list and click the - button to remove it.


Confirm that you want to remove the previous account by clicking Remove.

NOTE: It is wise to have a backup of your computer's data before removing any information. Only click Remove if you are positive you wish to remove the account and continue.


STEP 4: In the bottom left corner of the window, click the + button to add a new account.


STEP 5: Fill out the following boxes, and then click Continue:


STEP 6: You may receive a notification that the attempt to log in failed. If so, confirm that the information listed is correct, and then click Continue.


STEP 7: If you would like to configure access to your TechMail calendar through your Mac's iCal application, as well as access to your TechMail contacts through your Mac's Address Book application, check the appropriate boxes. Finally, click Create to finish setup.


You can now use the Mail, iCal, and Address Book applications in Snow Leopard to manage your TechMail email, calendar, contacts, tasks list, and notes.