Enable 'Out of Office Assistant' in Outlook 2007

STEP 1: Click the Tools menu, then select Out of Office Assistant.

STEP 2: Select Send Out of Office auto-replies. You may also select Only send during this time range if you would like Outlook to only send auto-replies during a specified time range.

STEP 3: You can choose to have your Out of Office reply sent to just TechMail users or all emails you receive.

To send your reply to just TechMail users, select the Inside My Organization tab and type the response that you want to send while you are out of the office.

To also send your reply to recipients outside of TTU, select the Outside My Organization tab, then check Auto-Reply to people outside my organization. Select My Contacts only if you would like this reply only to be sent to people listed in your contacts who are not in the TechMail system, otherwise select Anyone outside my organization.

STEP 4: Click the OK button to save your settings.

Outlook will automatically respond with desired text to the first email from each sender until you go back and select Do not send Out of Office auto-replies, or until the End Time you specified is reached.