Configure Junk E-mail Filtering in Outlook 2010

Outlook provides features that can help you avoid receiving junk e-mail messages. This is in addition to the features enabled on the TechMail servers which help protect you. An advantage of Outlook's filtering is that it can be used with your other e-mail accounts aside from TechMail.

NOTE: In order for the Junk E-Mail Filter to function, Cached Exchange Mode must be enabled.

Outlook's filtering is based on Microsoft technology built into the product. For the filtering to be effective, you should regularly get your updates for Microsoft products.

Please keep in mind that automated filtering of inbound messages does not actually read the message, but programmatically analyzes the contents, calculates the likelihood of the message being junk, and then delivers the message to either your Inbox or Junk E-mail folders based on the calculation. It is very possible that some messages you wish to receive will appear to be junk and moved to your Junk E-mail folder.

Here are some recommendations for managing junk e-mail:

  • Regularly review the contents of your Junk E-mail.
  • If there are messages that should not be considered Junk E-mail, use either Outlook or Outlook Web Access to place the originator on your "Safe Senders List". Typically, these messages will be commercial notifications to which you are subscribed, and once on your Safe list they will be delivered to your Inbox.
  • Empty your Junk E-mail. This will permanently delete all messages in your Junk E-mail folder; they will not be archived or recoverable.

Set Junk E-mail Filter Level

STEP 1: On the Home tab click the Junk button, then click Junk E-mail Options.

STEP 2: Choose the level of junk e-mail message protection you want and click OK. There are four different levels of junk mail filtering.

  • No Automatic Filtering: Only blocks messages from e-mail addresses that have been added to your blocked senders list.
  • Low: This level will only catch the most obvious junk and spam messages.
  • High: This level is probably the most practical for most users as it provides filtering of almost all junk and spam e-mails. Some of your regular messages might also be caught using this filter so be sure and check your Junk E-mail folder often.
  • Safe Lists Only: This level will filter every message that does not come from an address that is on your Safe list. Most messages will be sent to the Junk E-Mail folder using this setting.

Add E-mail to a Safe or Blocked Senders List

STEP 1: Right-click on a message from the sender.

STEP 2: Go to Junk, and select one of the following:

  • Block Sender
  • Never Block Sender
  • Never Block Senders Domain (
  • Never Block this Group or Mailing list

Configure Blocked Top-Level Domain List

STEP 1: On the Home tab click the Junk button, then click Junk E-mail Options.

STEP 2: Click the International tab and then click the Blocked Top-Level Domain List button.

STEP 3: Select the international domains you want blocked. Now click OK and then click OK again to return to Outlook.