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Setup Pine® for TechMail

Trademark Disclaimer: Pine® (or Program for Internet News & E-Mail) is a registered trademark of the University of Washington. Please refer to the following page for more trademark information: http://www.washington.edu/pine/overview/legal.html

Scope of Support: The instructions in this document are provided for the convenience of those individuals that wish to use Pine® as an e-mail client under Microsoft Windows or Unix/Linux variations. TTU IT Help Central does not provide support for this software beyond the content of this document. Resources are available on the University of Washington website located here: http://www.washington.edu/pine

PLEASE NOTE: This document only contains information necessary to setup Pine® as an email client to connect to a TechMail account. These instructions assume that you are familiar with navigating within the Pine® application and also other general computing tasks such as, but not limited to, file browsing, unzipping, and installing applications under Microsoft Windows and other Unix/Linux based systems. TTU IT Help Central is not equipped to provide support for Unix/Linux based computer systems.

Step 1: Download and Install the Pine® software.

Microsoft Windows:

  • You can download the latest version of the Pine® software by clicking on the following link and downloading the file Download PC-Pine Setup program: http://www.washington.edu/pine/getpine/pcpine.html
  • Please be sure to download the file to a location that is easily accessible.
  • Run the file setup_pine_4.64.exe by double-clicking on the file.

  • Choose Yes on the dialog box to continue with installing Pine®.

  • Choose the Next button to continue with the PC-Pine Setup Wizard.
  • If you agree to the license agreement, choose the radio button next to I accept the agreement and click the Next button.
  • Use the default directory (c:\Program files\PC-Pine) as the directory to install the software. Click the Next button.
  • Click the Next button to select the default program group option.
  • Choose the option for Create a desktop icon and optionally choose the option for Create a Quick Launch icon and click the Next button.
  • Review the choices and click the Install button.
  • On the PC-Pine Configuration Setup windows, choose the option for Use local configuration file and leave the file location as the default. Also make sure that there is a check-mark next to the option for Use this as the default PC-Pine Configuration. Click the OK button.

  • On the next PC-Pine Configuration Setup window, fill in the fields for Name and E-Mail address and press the OK button. The screen shot below shows some example information that was input into the fields


  • For Linux based clients, please check with your distribution maker to download the appropriate version of Pine®.
  • For Unix-based clients, download the appropriate version from the following website: http://www.washington.edu/pine/getpine/unix.html.
  • Extract the file into the current directory.
  • Read the README file for instructions on building and installing the software.

PLEASE NOTE: you must build the application with SSL functionality in order to use this software to connect to your TechMail account.

Step 2: Configure the Pine® client.

  • Now that the Pine® software is installed, launch the application:
  • Microsoft Windows XP: Locate the PC-Pine icon on your desktop and double-click the icon.
  • Unix/Linux clients: type the command pine in a terminal window.
  • You will first be presented with the message as shown in this screen shot:

  • Press the S key on your keyboard to enter the setup menu.
  • Press the C key on your keyboard to enter the configuration menu.

  • Enter the following information in the configuration utility as shown in the screen shot below. To edit a property, use the arrow keys on your keyboard to highlight the configuration parameter and press the Enter key to type in a new value for the field:

Step 3: Edit the pinerc configuration file.
  • Go to the directory where Pine® is installed
    • Microsoft Windows XP: default location is under Microsoft Windows is c:\Program Files\PC-Pine.
    • Unix/Linux: default location is under the users home directory ($HOME).
  • Locate and Open the file pinerc with a text editor program.
    • NOTE: For Unix/Linux clients this file will have a dot (.) before the file name.
    • Please do not use Microsoft Word to edit this file.
  • Locate within that file the configuration line that says folder-collections.
  • Enter the following information after the equals (=) sign. Please be sure to type in all the non-bolded text exactly as follows in the bullet point below:
    • “Inbox Folders” {mail.ttu.edu/ssl/user=ttu\eRaider username\eRaider alias}inbox[], “Mailbox Folders” {mail.ttu.edu/ssl/user=ttu\eRaider username\eRaider alias}[]
      • Replace the eRaider username with your eRaider username (example: jdoe).
      • Replace the eRaider alias information above with your eRaider alias information (example: john.doe).
    • Save the file and exit your text editor.

Step 4: Exit and Restart

  • Pine® is now ready to use to connect to your TechMail account. Exit and Restart the program to connect. You will be prompted to enter your eRaider password when you start the program.


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