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POP/IMAP Settings for TechMail

For the most up-to-date help and information on setting up various email clients to access your TechMail using POP/SMTP or IMAP/SMTP, please search askIT at www.askit.ttu.edu.

We have provided the basic, default settings below that should work with almost any POP/SMTP or IMAP/SMTP client software application.

NOTE: If you are not connected to the Internet through TTU, you may need to set up a TTUnet VPN connection if your Internet provider has blocked access to the required ports.

Default Settings for POP/SMTP and IMAP/SMTP

In order to use POP/SMTP or IMAP/SMTP services with TechMail, your username should be in the following form:

The server names and ports for POP, IMAP, and SMTP services in TechMail are:

Protocol Server Address Port
POP mail.ttu.edu 995
IMAP mail.ttu.edu 993
SMTP smtp.ttu.edu 25

SSL and/or TLS should be used because a secure connection is required.

Setup a New POP or IMAP Profile

Windows: Mac:
Eudora 7.1 - POP Entourage 2008 - POP
Outlook 2007 - POP Entourage 2008 - IMAP
Outlook 2007 - IMAP Eudora 6.2 - IMAP
Outlook 2010 - POP Mac Mail 3 - POP
Outlook 2010 - IMAP Mac Mail 3 - IMAP
Windows Mail 6 - POP Outlook 2011 - POP
Windows Mail 6 - IMAP Outlook 2011 - IMAP
Windows Live Mail - POP  
Windows Live Mail - IMAP  

Configure an Existing POP or IMAP Profile