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Granting Users Access to a Functional Mailbox

There are two ways to give access to another person for a functional mailbox.

There are some differences in the two options for granting access to a functional mailbox.  Specifically, when adding users to the group that "owns" the mailbox using the OU, you effectively make those users the "owners" of the mailbox.  Users in that group can do anything with the functional mailbox that they can do with their personal mailboxes.  Users in that group can delegate access to the functional mailbox, as well.  The other method of granting access to a functional mailbox by sharing it only delegates specific permissions to each user.  Delegates have only the explicit permissions granted.  The option you choose depends on the level of control you want to give to each user.  If you want to add users as owners of the mailbox, it is better to add the users using the OU.  If you would like to specify permissions for each user, you should add the users by logging into the mailbox and sharing it.

To add the users by logging into the mailbox and sharing it:

You must perform the following steps after the functional mailbox has been setup and you have successfully accessed it.  If you do not have the functional mailbox added to your Outlook profile, you must do so before you will be able to add users to the functional mailbox.

Step 1:  In Outlook, right click on the function mailbox and select Sharing


Step 2:  The permissions window will open.  Click on the Add button to give a user permission to access the function mailbox.


Step 3:  Enter the user's name in the white space at the top and then select the user in the box below.  Now click on the Add -> button.  The user's name should appear underlined in the box next to the Add-> button.  Now click OK.


Step 4:  The user will now be added to the functional mailbox with Reviewer permissions.  This means that they will be able to read but not create or delete messages.  To modify their permissions, select the user and set the proper permissions in the bottom half of the screen.  To add more users, click on the Add button again and add them just as you did the first user.  Once you have added all of the users that need to be added and have set their permissions, click on the Apply button and then click OK.


To add users using the OU, follow these instructions:

For instructions on setting up a profile to log into a function mailbox using Outlook 2003 click HERE.  Note that in Step 6, you should use the functional mailbox name (the part of the functional mailbox email address in front of the @ sign) instead of Lastname, Firstname. Once the profile is established, you will log into the mailbox with your eRaider username and password.

There are some requirements for adding users using the OU:

Step 1:  
Click Start, Programs, Administrative Tools, Active Directory Users and Computers


Step 2:    Locate the Functional Mailbox that is to be changed, right click on it, and select Properties.


Step 3:    Click on the Members tab at the top of the Properties window and then click on the Add button to add a new user.


Step 4:    Enter the user's name in the white space and then click on the Check Names button to the right.  This will verify the user's account.


Step 5:  
If the user's account can not be verified automatically, you will be prompted to select the account manually.  The following window will appear listing all possible matches.  Select the correct match and click OK.


Step 6:    All verified accounts will now be underlined.  Click the OK button.


Step 7:    You should now be looking at the members list again.  Verify that all of the users that needed to be added are listed.  Once you are finished, click on the Apply button and the click on the OK button to save your changes.