New Employee Information

Where can I get an ID Card?

  • ID Cards can be obtained in the Student Union Building.

How can I connect to Texas Tech from home?

  • TTUnet can be accessed through a Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection.  Please click here for instructions.

How can I access my email from home?

  • TechMail can be accessed from outside the TTU network using many different methods. Please click here for instructions.

What services are available on the eRaider Web site?

  • The eRaider Web site allows you to: 
    • manage your TechMail account 
    • download software
    • reset your eRaider password
    • set up a password reminder
    • set up a personal Web site

Where can I find information on Laws and Policies for computer use?

  • Texas Tech University has regulations and guidelines in place regarding internet usage.  Please visit the Laws and Policies for Computer Use website for more information.

What software can I get through the Microsoft Campus Agreement?

  • The Microsoft Campus Agreement allows students, faculty, and staff to purchase or download the following software titles:

Windows Software

    • Office Enterprise 2010
    • Office Enterprise 2007
    • Office Communicator 2007
    • Office SharePoint Designer
    • Office Expression Web
    • Office Professional 2003
    • Visual Studio 2008
    • Visual Studio Professional 6.0
    • Windows XP Professional Upgrade
    • Windows Vista Enterprise Upgrade
    • Symantec Endpoint Protection (corporate anti-virus)

Apple Software

    • Microsoft Office 2011
    • Microsoft Office 2008
    • Norton AntiVirus Corporate Edition
    • Virtual PC V6 & V7 for Mac (requires G3 or G4)