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Information for New Students

I was unable to attend the New Student Orientation about technology services at TTU. Can I view the PowerPoint presentation online?

Where can I sign up for a parking permit?

  • Parking permits can be purchased online at Raiderlink or at the Transportation & Parking Services office.

Where can I register  for classes?

Where can I find out the bus routes through campus?

Where can I find a map of the Texas Tech Campus?

Where can I find information on Laws and Policies for computer use?

  • Texas Tech University has regulations and guidelines in place regarding internet usage.  Please visit the Laws and Policies for Computer Use website for more information.

Technical Issues for New Students

What type of computer will I need while I am at Texas Tech?

  • Your computing needs will be based on your major, interests, and planned usage.  Please visit our Computing Guidelines page to review typical setups for different types of users.

How do I create my TechMail mailbox?

What can I do on the eRaider website?

  • The eRaider website allows you to: 
    • manage your email account 
    • download software
    • change your online information.
    • set up a personal website
    • sign up for remote access

What can I do on the Raiderlink website?

  • The Raiderlink website gives you portal to the Texas Tech Community.  It allows you to:
    • register for classes
    • chat with other students 
    • buy parking permits 
    • play games 
    • read the news
    • check out the local weather forecast
    • save data on your personal RaiderDrive
    • watch stocks

What software can I get through the Microsoft Campus Agreement?

  • The Microsoft Campus Agreement allows students, faculty, and staff to purchase or download the following software titles:

    These titles can be purchased on CD at the ATLC or downloaded for free from the eRaider website.

Windows Software

    • Office Enterprise 2010
    • Office Enterprise 2007
    • Office Communicator 2007
    • Office SharePoint Designer
    • Office Expression Web
    • Office Professional 2003
    • Visual Studio 2008
    • Visual Studio Professional 6.0
    • Windows XP Professional Upgrade
    • Windows Vista Enterprise Upgrade
    • Norton Antivirus Corporate Edition

Apple Software

    • Office Enterprise 2011
    • Microsoft Office 2008
    • Mac Messenger 7.0
    • Norton Antivirus Corporate Edition
    • Virtual PC V6 & V7 for Mac (requires G3 or G4)

What software can I get through Microsoft DreamSpark?

For the latest information on DreamSpark, please search askIT.


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