Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac

Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac is the latest version of Microsoft's Office package for OS X-based systems. It is easy to use with powerful tools which make it simple to create robust and professional-looking documents.

A more inclusive breakdown of changes to Office 2011 can be found below:

Feature Office 2004 Office 2008 Office 2011
Outlook     X
Office Web Apps Integration     X
Online Coauthoring     X
Intel-based Mac Support   X X
Current Office file format support   X X
Ribbon user interface     X
Template Gallery     X
Publishing Layout view in Word   X X
Full Screen view in Word     X
VBA Macro Support in Excel X   X
Formula Builder in Excel     X
Conditional Formatting and Sparklines in Excel     X
SmartArt graphics in PowerPoint   X X

Obtain Microsoft Office 2011

To access TTU's free eRaider software downloads, please go to, sign in to your eRaider account, and then choose "Software Download" from the left-hand menu. You may also purchase Office 2011 DVDs in the ATLC (West Basement of the University Library) for $10/copy.

Office 2011 solutions