Install Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac

STEP 1: Download Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac by navigating to and signing in with your eRaider username and password.

STEP 2: Locate the Microsoft Office 2008 install file and double click it.

STEP 3: Double click the Office Installer.mpkg icon.

STEP 4: Click Continue.

STEP 5: Click Continue.

STEP 6: If you accept the terms of the software license agreement, click Continue.

STEP 7: Enter the following, then click Continue.

  • Name: Your Name
  • Company: Texas Tech University

STEP 8: Close any open applications, then click Continue Installation.

STEP 9: Click Install.

STEP 10: Enter your local computer's username and password, then click OK.

STEP 11: After installation is complete, click Close.