Texas Tech University

Organizational websites

The Organizational web service provides a location for organizations to store their website and share it with the world.

Storage space for an organizational website is 1 GB.



General settings

The following are the general settings needed for Web design software to publish your www.orgs.ttu.edu website.

NOTE: All settings may not be required depending on the client software used.

  • Server/Host Name: www.orgs.ttu.edu
  • SSL: Enabled
  • Protocol: WebDAV over HTTPS
  • Port: 443
  • Username:your eRaider username
  • Password:your eRaider password
  • Domain: TTU

Please note that the TTU IT Division can only provide support for some web design clients. The information presented is provided as a courtesy to the TTU community, and when contacting IT Help Central for assistance you may be referred to the manufacturer/provider of the your software or your preferred third-party support provider.



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