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Adding a New Contact:

STEP 1:  To add a new contact, click the Contacts button in the bottom left.

STEP 2:  A window will pop up for you to fill out information about the contact your adding.

Fill out what you need for the contact then click Save and Close to finish, or click the Attachment button to add an attachment to the specific contact, then click Save and Close.


Modifying a Contact:

STEP 1:  Open the contact list, double click on the contact to be modified- if you have a long list of contacts, use the search their name in the search box to find them quickly.

STEP 2:  A new box will pop up display boxes and fields that can be edited within that contact. Once everything has been correctly changed, click Save and Close.

Organizing Contacts:

STEP 1:  To delete a contact, click the contact, then hit the delete button at the top of the page (the X).

STEP 2:  To find a contact, use the search at the top of the contacts page in the middle panel.

STEP 3:  To change how contacts are listed, click the “Arrange by:” located beneath the search field and select the view desired.