Create a Folder in RaiderDrive Through Raiderlink

Follow the instructions below to add a new folder (directory) to your RaiderDrive using the Raiderlink portal.

NOTE: If you haven't activated your RaiderDrive yet, please sign in to the eRaider Account Management System to activate it.

STEP 1: Sign in to Raiderlink at

STEP 2: Click on the Home tab.

STEP 3: In the RaiderDrive channel, find the section labeled "Create new directory under selected directory". In the text box, type the name for the folder (directory) you wish to create.

STEP 4: If you wish to create the folder underneath another folder, select the parent folder by using the checkbox next to it. If you do not select any folder, the new folder you create will be added to the root of your RaiderDrive.

STEP 5: Click Create Directory.

STEP 6: The new folder will be created on your RaiderDrive.